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All of our core subject areas are aligned with Tennessee State Standards, incorporate the various learning modalities throughout, and uniquely highlight how God is the foundation of all true knowledge and understanding.



If a child learns to read, and more importantly, understand what they are reading, they are then able to learn anything they set their mind to.



The ability to communicate through writing is an essential skill that we develop so that the students can express themselves both professionally and creatively.



We believe that every child is unique and our classroom structure lets us meet the students' needs where they are, thus helping them to reach their full potential.



Through the study of the natural world we can clearly see how it testifies of a loving Heavenly Father who desires for us to learn more of His character through His creations.



One of our main goals at LCA is to develop strong relationships with our students, and most importantly between them and their Savior, Jesus!



Physical Education
We strive to equip each student with lifelong skills that will assist them in maintaining an energetic and healthy lifestyle for years to come.

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